Brand Introduction

Z Puffers it’s the color’s puffers brand that keep you always warm and in style. Z Puffers was established in 2019 by Zoe Theodorescu and is based in Europe, Romania. The brand offers a line of jackets and premium accessories, unique in the fashion market around the world due to their creative approach and their innovative quilting techniques.

The idea for the brand came when Zoe’s designs started gaining popularity on the European fashion scene, some of her creations getting featured and praised by important art galleries such as Galateca, while being available for purchase in their shop, NeoGalateca.
As soon as she uploaded her works on Facebook and Instagram, friends and strangers alike began texting Zoe to tell her how much they love her pieces and to ask if they could have one as well. To answer these requests, she decided to reproduce some of her most sought after creations and to make them available for everyone.
In order to establish a brand for her past creations, but also for her future works to come, Zoe decided to unite them all under the name of Z Puffers.

Z Puffer’s collections are available for purchase in multiple online shops and retailers across Romania, and many more to come.

The entire series of Z Puffers creations is intended for the art and beauty lovers,
for those who wish to express their personality in a truly authentic way.


Zoe Theodorescu is an ambitious young fashion creator from Bucharest, Romania. Her designs can be described as fascinating and beautiful: while drawing inspiration from the turn of the 20th century Neoplasticism movement (also known as “De Stijl”), she uses the colors Red, Blue and Yellow – combined with innovative quilting techniques – to pay tribute to emblematic Modern Art painters such as Piet Cornelis Mondrian.
Although she has been passionate about photography and creating interesting outfits ever since she was little, Zoe’s true journey into the design world began when she started working on her first major projects at the Bucharest National University of Arts (UNArte).
The journey continued as she attended Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna (ABA Bo) in Italy to study fashion design. Her hardwork and dedication finally got rewarded in 2019, when Zoe launched The “stART” collection – her bachelor’s thesis and long-term cultural project – that earned her a Clothing Designer Diploma from UNArte.
Nowadays, Zoe Theodorescu continues to work hard and dedicate herself to new design ideas.