Mondrian City Bag

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Everything you need for a relaxing (or very busy) day fits in your Mondrian City Bag. Designed for those who carry lots of things, yet want to carry no weight. Graphics inspired by Piet Mondrian.

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  • Classy bag from the Z Puffers collection
  • Graphics inspired by the works of art of famous Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian
  • Everything you need for a relaxing (or very busy) day is in your Mondrian City Bag
  • Intended for those who carry a lot of things, and at the same time want to carry no weight



  • Multicolored (red/yellow/blue/black)
  • The red, yellow and blue geometric shapes are set by black velvet stripes
  • Triple veil lining with black polka dots
  • Puffer bag
  • One inner pocket
  • Medium length
  • Wind resistance



EXTERIOR: 100% Polyamide/Nylon;
LINING: Polyamide/Nylon, Triple veil;
PADDING: wadding, silicone down


  • Manual wash or dry cleaning. Clean before storing.



  • Height: 30 cm
  • Width: 20 cm
  • Depth: 25 cm
  • If you would like a custom size product do not hesitate to contact us by email or on Instagram


Made in Romania


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